Plot cava

It is the cava obtained from a wine produced with grapes from a specific plot, whose own edaphic and microclimatic conditions, together with quality criteria in its production and elaboration, have led to a cava with unique characteristics.


  • Minimum fermentation in bottle for 36 months
  • Vintage Cava
  • Classification tasting
  • Distinctive specific qualitative control
  • Comprehensive traceability from the vineyard to its commercialization
  • Qualified minor area
  • Production yield per hectare max. 8,000 kg
  • Manual grape harvest
  • Vineyard older than 10 years
  • Vinified on property
  • Maximum extraction yield per hectare 48 hectoliters
  • Base wine rating

Paretes Plot

The location is heavily influenced by the Aguila forest and the ravine created by a stream of air cooled by the forest. It is a vineyard facing the east along with the effect that the forest makes the afternoon sun goes down early and does not overheat the vine. Limey soil with a high percentage of gravel and fossils that give a big personality the wine.

Cols Plot

The location is well exposed to the influence of dry winds of the interior and the breezes from the Mediterranean Sea. The breeze is alleviated by the effect of the coastal mountain so it does not become too humid. The soil is shallow, calcareous with layers of sedimentary based gravel and silt making the drainage very easy and a fertile loam top layer.

Rosendo Plot

The location is protected in the east by the Aguila forest and the west and north by the ranges of the Vermella. This means that the sun does not affect the vineyard in the early hours of the morning and the late afternoon making ripening vines calmer. It also protects the direct influence of the sea and land breezes. The terrain is extremely calcareous with a shallow loamy texture.

Molí Coloma Plot

Location with a lot of limestone and a large amount of river stones with a high percentage of clay. It is located at the foot of the coastal mountain range that protects the vineyard from the humid sea breeze. The vineyard is open to the influence of the dry winds of the interior.

Nuria Claverol