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An intense aroma of raspberries and wild strawberries with a background of fresh minerals. A taste full bodied, elegant, pleasant, surprising for its harmony. Like the music of the vineyard where it came from.

Núria Claverol
Núria Claverol
Núria Claverol
Núria Claverol
Núria Claverol
Núria Claverol

Molí Coloma Plot

Type of land

The plot Molí Coloma is the one with the youngest soils. Located on a very young terrace of the Anoia River, the layers of sand, silt and stones that the river has deposited in successive overflows are still visible. The soils of this vineyard are rough and very stratified, which makes rooting difficult. This circumstance favors the quality, since by its geomorphological situation, this zone is fresh, with abundance of water in the subsoil. The water retention capacity of these soils is low, forcing the plant to root deeply in search of the water available in the subsoil.

Pinot Noir
Vineyard age
31 years old
2,75 Ha.

Place located on the banks of the Anoia River, in the municipality of Subirats. It is a very calcareous soil with a high presence of river pebbles with a high percentage of clay. It is located at the foot of the “serralada litoral” (coastal sierra), which protects the vineyard from the sea wet winds. The plot is open to the influence of the drier inland winds.

Nuria Claverol