A tribute
to the Mother and to the Land


An intense and unique aroma, with notes of toast and minerals. Fine bubbles and well integrated that enriches the crisp and fruity taste of the first notes and mineral taste with a very fresh finish.

Núria Claverol
Núria Claverol
Núria Claverol
Núria Claverol
Núria Claverol
Núria Claverol

Paretes Plot

Type of land

The Peretes plot has a very unique soil. This soil, called in other parts of Catalonia Panal, is made up of sand and silt transported by the wind from long distances (the Ebro Delta and/or the Pyrenees, not very well known) during the interglacial dry times, forming small deposit areas of convex form over Miocene material, with sandy, permeable soils with presence of lime (which forms singular accumulations called “loess dolls”). The color of these soils is salmonated (orange). The presence of fluvial terraces at higher levels has caused the covering of these soils with a gravel carpet. These soils are permeable, deep, with an abundance of calcium carbonate and little capacity for water retention, which makes it difficult to puddle. This allows the roots to dig deeper in search of water and food favoring the perfect soil-plant balance.

Vineyard age
40 years old
3.4 Ha.

The Plot is located at the top of the Sumarroca Estate, in the municipality of Piera, and very influenced by the Águila forest and its ravine, which creates a stream of air cooled by the forest. It is a vineyard facing the east that, along with the effect of the forest, causes the afternoon sun to go out before the vineyard could be overheated. The terrain is calcareous with a high percentage of deep gravel and fossils that confer a great personality to the wines.

Nuria Claverol