A tribute to Núria
of the stars and time


The pinot noir gives notes of red fruits and minerals. A long aging. Notes of pastries and fruit. A stellar combination that gives a mineral taste, vibrant and Asian fruits.

Núria Claverol
Núria Claverol
Núria Claverol
Núria Claverol
Núria Claverol
Núria Claverol

Rosendo Plot

Type of land

The Rosendo plot is located on a hillside developed on Miocene materials, covered with colluvia from the upper part of the unit. They are floors with rounded gravels, which partially cover the ground. The soils of this plot are very deep and of medium texture. The water retention capacity available for the plant is moderate to high, which allows the vine to withstand the months of summer drought without suffering too much stress. In the first 90 cm of the profile we found abundant gravels that facilitate the drainage of the soil, avoiding the excesses in the especially rainy seasons.

Pinot Noir
Blanc de Noirs
Vineyard age
20 years old
3,2 Ha.

The vineyard is located at the highest part of the Sumarroca Estate, in the municipal district of Piera. It is protected to the east by the forest of the “àguila” and to the west and north by the “Serra de la Vermella”. This location causes the sun to have no direct influence in the early hours of the morning and late afternoon, making a more relaxed maturation of the vineyard. It also protects it from the direct influence of the marinade and the terral (the dry wind from the inland).

Nuria Claverol