Núria Claverol cavas on the podium of Guia Peñín

Annually, Guia Peñín classifies  wines and sparkling wines of the territory through different tastings that conclude with a score that is published in the referent Guia Peñín where wine lovers and professionals regularly consult. This publication has the mission of promoting and disseminating the wine culture with objectivity.

Among the winners, we find the 4 premium cavas of the winery that bear the name and pay tribute to the mother: Núria Claverol Homenatge 2014, Núria Claverol Allier, Núria Claverol Blanc de Noirs and Núria Claverol Pinot Noir Rosé 2016. These 4 cavas they have a unique and special design, inspired by the ancient Greek amphorae that won the 2004 ADI-FAD award.

94 points Núria Claverol Homenatge 2014 BR GR Cava
93 points Núria Claverol Allier 2014 BR GR Cava
93 points Núria Claverol Blanc de Noirs 2014 BR GR Cava
92 points Núria Claverol Pinot Noir Rosé 2016 RDESP R Cava


Other cavas and wines from Bodegas Sumarroca have also made a podium

In the 2021 edition, Bodegues Sumarroca has also made a podium with 2 other cavas and 3 wines made with organic grapes produced in-house from Penedès vineyards.

They are Brut Nature Gran Reserva and Grand Cuvée, two cavas with the recognized character of Sumarroca. As for the wines, the Chardonnay, Bòria and Utòpic, our extreme xarel·lo of Penedès that is aged in French oak barrels and in Magnum, have obtained very relevant recognition in the list of the best wines and sparkling wines Of the territory.


92 points Bòria 2016 Penedès
91 points Utòpic 2016 Penedès
90 points Sumarroca 2016 BN GR Cava
90 points Sumarroca Grand Cuvée 2015 BN GR Cava
90 points Sumarroca Chardonnay 2019 Penedès


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